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  St. John's College Alumni Association
Office Staff:
Larry Junker, Executive Director
Wallace Behrhorst, Reporter Editor
Beth Smith, Administrative Assistant


*Winfield Johnnie Reunion Cancelled for 2020*
  April 12th was Easter Sunday, so I hope each of you had a blessed Easter.  Yes, it is also spring here in Winfield; the
trees have leafed out and the mowing of lawns has begun.  As a matter of fact, I’ve already mowed the office lawn
twice.  As I get older, I think the pace of things seems to be getting faster and faster.  And instead of things getting faster,
things at the Association Office have slowed down a bit since the Board of Directors and the Reunion Committee have
cancelled the Winfield Reunion this year because of COVID-19.  This is probably a good thing since we don’t want
anyone to be exposed unknowingly to this deadly virus.  The latest survey I saw suggested that the earliest date after
which relaxing social distancing may be possible with containment strategies that include testing, contact tracing, isolation,
and limiting gathering size in Kansas is June 8th or later.  Please share the front page of this Reporter with your fellow
Johnnies, and hopefully the 2021 reunion can be celebrated without losing one Johnnie to the virus.

Financial Aid Applications
All applications for requesting financial aid from SJCAA have been received as of this writing. The deadline was April
1st, and the Financial Aid Committee has made a determination as to how much aid each applicant who is approved will
receive.  As of this writing, we have received 51 eligible applications, which is similar to last year.  Each student will
receive an average of $890 in aid from the Alumni Association.  This is based on the earnings of the Scholarship
Endowment.  This year those earnings totaled just over $45,000.  The next issue of The Reporter will contain a list of
those students who were awarded aid and which institutions of the LCMS they are attending.  We thank YOU, the alumni,
for your support of this financial aid program through your contributions to the Scholarship Endowment.  In past years, this
endowment has increased considerably due to growth in the market, but also through contributions from YOU, the alumni
and friends of St. John’s.  Since 1965, the Association has made 4,016 awards totaling $1,447,466, and this includes the
upcoming academic year of 2020-2021.

Upcoming Elections to the Board of Directors
Elections to the Board of Directors will be coming up in the fall. Each Board member is elected to a three-year term and
can be re-elected. The Board of Directors sets the policy for the Association, and the staff carries out those policies with
a program of work.  If you would like to have your name placed in nomination for election to the Board, or if you know of
someone you think would make a good Board member, please do not hesitate to notify the Association Office.  We will
contact those individuals to see if they would let their name stand on the ballot.  We thank you in advance for your

Thrivent Choice
Thrivent Financial’s program called Thrivent Choice is benefitting SJCAA. You, the alumni, have directed your Choice
Dollars for the benefit of the Alumni Association.  This program is a grant program that allows eligible members to direct
where Thrivent Financial distributes part of its charitable funds each year.  The Alumni Association is listed in the
program’s searchable online catalogue.  Fiscal year-to-date (November 1, 2019-April 23, 2020) the Alumni Association
has received just over $6,000.  Won’t you help YOUR Alumni Association grow by designating some of these Choice
Dollars to SJCAA?  On behalf of the Board of Directors of St. John’s College Alumni Association, we want to express
our thanks not only to Thrivent Financial, but also to you, the alumni of St. John’s, for helping out in this all important

FY 2019/20 Annual Fund
In putting a budget together for the fiscal year 2019-20, one starts out by reviewing the projects and programs for the
coming year.  Then one looks at the different sources of income and makes “educated” projections.  The same is done on
the expense side.  The difference between these two numbers is what the Alumni Association must raise in order to
maintain a balanced budget.  This number is called the ANNUAL FUND!  This amount must be raised to meet expenses,
otherwise the Association would have to draw from the principal of the Operational Endowment.  After doing the
necessary budgetary projections, the FY 2019-20 ANNUAL FUND goal was set by the Board of Directors at their
November, 2019, meeting at $ 36,905.  Currently, as of April 23, the ANNUAL FUND stands at $20,400, or 55.3% of its
goal.  I say THANK YOU to you, the alumni, who have so graciously contributed to this year’s ANNUAL FUND.

And finally, rest assured that the “Johnnie Spirit” is alive and well even in spite of COVID-19!  I thank you for your past
support and I ask you for your continued support, both with your prayers and your finances, so that we can continue to
carry out the mission of the St. John’s College Alumni Association.

Blessings always,
Larry R. Junker
Executive Director