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Greetings Johnnies!  Well, the 2023 Winfield Johnnie Reunion was a huge success.  Attendance was down slightly from previous years, but everyone in attendance had a great time reminiscing about the “good old days” while they were students at St. John’s.  Just over 100 attended the banquet on Saturday evening.  A special thank you to all who attended, especially those who participated, namely, Rev. David Ersland, Rev. Gene Bauman, Rev. Pete Woodward, Rev. Dr. Brent Klein, Bonnie (Larson) Condit, and Pamela (Scheumann) Blakey.  Since many of the honored class members were not able to attend, I decided to work with Legleiter Video to create a slide and video presentation of this year’s reunion.  It is available on the St. John’s College Alumni Association website.  It will be similar to what was done in 2021.    You can click on the “Reunion” tab at the top of this page.  It will take you to the page where you will find a picture showing “St. John’s Alumni Reunion 2023.”  Just click on that picture and it will take you to this presentation.   We hope you enjoy the presentation and ask that you let us know your thoughts.  Well, now as they say, go to our website and then ON WITH THE SHOW!

Election to the Board of Directors of the Association will take place in September.  If you would like to be a candidate for this all-important Board, please send the Association an email indicating your intent.  Currently, the Board is composed of 9-members, 3 of which are elected each year.  The term of office for each member is 3 years.  Our email address is  We look forward to receiving your information.

Now some financial news.  The Scholarship Endowment continues to grow.  This past year, there have been some estates close that the Alumni Association was the recipient of some funds for this endowment.  Earnings from this endowment are used for financial aid for students who can trace their direct lineage back to someone who attended the Academy or the College.  As of June 30, 2023, the market value of this endowment is $1,973,364, up from $827,973 seventeen years ago when I began as your Executive Director.

Speaking of financial aid, this fall 36 students who will be attending Seminaries and Universities of the LCMS will be receiving $1,056 in aid from SJCAA to help towards their educational goals.  Since 1965, awards to students have totaled $1,565,036.

The Operational Endowment grew in much the same manner.  As of June 30, 2023, the market value of this endowment stands at $996,587, compared to $629,259 back in 2006.  The earnings of this endowment help defray the day-to-day operational expenses of the Association.

Finally, the Annual Fund of the Association has reached $31,712 as of July 15, 2023, towards a goal of $42,015 or 75.5 percent of our goal.  It is only through YOUR support as alumni and friends of St. John’s that has allowed the work of the Association to continue.  This support is through YOUR prayers, which by the way, is the most important way to support your Alumni Association.   This support is also through YOUR financial support.  Our Fiscal Year started November 1, 2022, and it ends October 31, 2023.  Won’t you help us reach our ANNUAL FUND goal of $42,015.  Or maybe it’s time to consider making a gift to the Operational Endowment or the Scholarship Endowment, or maybe even become a Life Member or Annual Member if you are not already one.  The St. John’s College Alumni Association, with YOUR help, will continue to keep the Johnnie Spirit alive and well as it has since 1909.

In July of 2006 I became your Executive Director, so for the past 17 years of support, I want to say thank you.  THANK YOU to you the alumni and friends of St. John’s College Alumni Association.  THANK YOU for your prayers and financial support!  Every gift, no matter what its size, will help continue the mission into the future, as well as Keeping the Johnnie Spirit Alive and Well.

Blessings always,

Larry R. Junker