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If you missed the 2018 Winfield Johnnie Reunion, according to all the comments we’ve received from those who attended, it was a success.  Attendance was down over past years, but that didn’t seem to stop all the fun and reminiscing.  The Academy and College classes of 1968 had a great turnout, and therefore took home the attendance trophy.  Only 110 individuals attended the banquet on Saturday evening, but everyone had a good time thanks to emcee Mike Vincent of the Class of 1968.  Also, much of the success and THANKS go to members of the Reunion Committee (Gery and Marilyn Pralle, Julie Utt, Carolyn Seeliger, Tim and Beth Smith, Karen Hill, Sally Ray, and Kris Junker).  THANKS also to our speakers, presenters, and musicians (Curtis Deterding, Earl Steffens, Dennis Huntington, Bonnie Condit, Katherine Seeliger, Barb Geuy, Mike Vincent, Earl Zimmerman, Rick Marrs, Gordon Besel, Rick Hathaway, and of course Trinity Lutheran Congregation and its Youth Group).
   This year’s theme was taken from the 1967-1968 school year homecoming theme,“The Johnnies …so we, being many, are one body in Christ” from Romans 12: 5.  This theme was celebrating the 125th anniversary of the founding of SJC and the 109th anniversary of the founding of the Alumni Association.  One of the highlights seems to be the Saturday Service of Celebration and Remembrance, which has been held in what used to be the chapel in Meyer Hall over the past few years. This is now the home of the Winfield Community Theatre. The original altar and podium (from the early 1970s) were used, and attached to the altar was the old picture of Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane.  This picture was part of the altar when the chapel was up in the northeast corner of Baden Hall.  Having this service in Meyer Hall Chapel brought back a lot of memories of climbing the stairs and going through the double doors of Meyer Hall to daily chapel.  Many comments were, “That’s where this service belongs.”
   There were of course guided tours of the campus, now known as Baden Square.  The tours started in Mundinger Hall, progressed to Rehwinkel Hall, Meyer Hall, Baden Hall, and then to the library and the gym.  The banquet on Saturday evening was held in the Community Center, formerly the Student Center.  Sunday Church service and Sunday School were held at Trinity Lutheran Church.  Lunch at Trinity concluded the activities for another year, and fond farewells and safe travels were bid to everyone.  If any of the attendees have any thoughts or ideas on this year’s reunion, they are asked to contact the Alumni Association Office with this information, and this will then be passed on to next year’s reunion committee for their review.  By the way, next year’s reunion will be held the weekend of June 7-9, 2019.   
   Two-thirds of our fiscal year is over and the June financials reflect that the 2017-18 Annual Fund has reached $ 27,583, or 81.7 percent of its goal of $33,755.  With four months to go, we still need to raise over $6,000 to balance our budget. Expenses seem to be in line with the previous three years.  Let me say THANK YOU to all of you who have financially supported the programs of the Alumni Association.  I ask your continued support, both with your prayers and your contributions.  The total market value of the Association’s two endowments has reached just over the $ 2,378,900 mark.  For this we praise the Lord and say THANK YOU to the alumni, because it is YOUR contributions and the careful investment of our funds by Community National Bank personnel that have made this happen.  The market value as of June 30, 2018, of these two endowments is as follows: the Scholarship Endowment was $ 1,563,263, and the Operational Endowment was $815,681; thus the total market value of these endowments is up $921,712  from July 2006, some 12 year ago. The Board of Directors, at its meeting on June 1st, designated the offering from the Saturday Service of Celebration and Remembrance to be used for financial aid for the 2019-20 academic year.  Just over $600 was set aside for this purpose.
   In other action, the Board of Directors approved the Compilation Report (Audit) prepared by Anne Jarrett, CPA.  The Board heard a report from the Financial Aid Committee (Betty Amey, Dean Von Stroh, and Arleata Harmon), stating that the average award to 49 students was $780 for the 2018-19 academic year.  The Board will also be looking at the future of the St. John’s College Alumni Association.  Eighteen years from now the last class of the College, Class of 1986, will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary, and the question is often asked about the future of the Association when there are few if any alumni remaining.  The Board will be tackling that question in the coming year(s).
   The Board of Directors was reminded that elections to the Board will take place in September, and solicitation of names for nominations will take place between now and mid-August. The Board has set its next meeting date as Saturday, November 10, 2018, at 10:00 am here in Winfield. If there is any item that you, the alumni, feel needs to be brought to the Board’s attention, please email your thoughts to the Alumni Association Office.