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As I contemplated the past fiscal year, I thought about all the great things that happened, from elections to the Board,
Financial Aid awards, 2019 Winfield Johnnie Reunion, and finally, finances of SJCAA.  Then another thought crossed my
mind - we are approaching the Thanksgiving, Advent, and Christmas seasons.  Thanksgiving - yes, we are thankful for all
the blessings the Lord has poured out on each of us and also on SJCAA.  Now advent - how we look forward to the birth
of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Finally Christmas -  it was then that I remembered an Annual Fund letter I put
together a few years ago.  I found an article in the Dec. 11, 1956 Reporter, written by one of the late and beloved
professors of St. John’s.  I thought it worth repeating at this time of year.  Here is that story as it appeared in the
Reporter some 63 years ago:

Christmas Means To Me . . . By John Saleska
“Little Gustave made his way to the front of the church to recite his first Christmas piece.  Although almost inaudible at
times, the words came out something like this:

“If I knew where to find Him, the baby in the hay
I’d take a Christmas present to Him this very day.
Two little hands to serve Him, and a loving heart through life,
And just myself on Christmas day, to be His birthday gift.”

Those few lines tell as simply and as clearly as possible just what Christmas ought to mean to all of us.  Christmas
teaches us the joy and blessedness of giving.  “For God so loved the world that He gave . . .” says one of the most
beautiful verses in the Bible.  God gave His only Son to the world on that first Christmas, and through Him, He has given
us everything - not only the good things of life on earth, but forgiveness of sins and everlasting life with Him in heaven. 
Jesus is God’s gift to the world.  And surely it is right and good that we should celebrate His coming by giving gifts to
friends and relatives.  But our Christmas giving becomes poor and empty unless we have learned and acted on the deep
yet simple truth in little Gustave’s recitation:  “Just myself on Christmas day to be His birthday gift.”
We who are Christians know that in order to give ourselves as a gift to the Lord it is not necessary to find the “Baby in
the Hay.”  Jesus is near at hand in every home and in every heart that is open to Him.  All the treasures of the wise men -
all the silver and gold in the world - do not mean as much to Jesus as a single heart given to Him in child-like faith and
love.  “Just myself . . . to be His birthday gift.”
It will not be long before many of you will be directly connected with the work of God’s kingdom.  It might be well for
you to remember that as the little children of our churches and schools grow up into manhood and womanhood, no gift
could be more precious for them to receive than just to understand something of the wonderful message of Christmas -
that giving is the very heart of life.  We are to give ourselves to Christ our Savior, and to give gifts of love and service to
others in His name.”  (Thanks, Professor Saleska)


As we enter the new fiscal year, FY 2019/2020, first, on behalf of the Board of Directors and the staff, we want to
thank all of you for this past year’s support.  Your support, both with your prayers and your financial support, has helped
the Association carry out it’s mission of providing financial aid to students and keeping the “Johnnie Family” up to date on
the activities and events of the Association and all its members.  Secondly, we ask for your continued financial support as
well as your prayers.  Every gift is important, no matter how large or how small, for together the “Johnnies” will help us
reach our goals.  Finally, on behalf of the Board of Directors and the staff of YOUR St. John’s College Alumni
Association, we wish each of you a very Blessed Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.  May God richly
bless each and every one of YOU throughout 2020!

Blessings always,
Larry R. Junker
Executive Director